Ashley Appletree
Ashley is an energetic six-year old girl with a very active imagination and a love for the fantastical. Which comes in very handy when interacting with the ghost on her attic or chatting with Sandman in the evening. She has a bit of a competitive nature, especially towards her dad, and generally strives for greatness or whatever she considers great…First Appearance: Moving To Swamptown 1/3

Drake Appletree
Drake is Ashley’s dad. He is a semi-successful writer, a fact that Ashley constantly questions as she is not allowed to read any of his work due to her age. Drake has a more introverted and calm personality which helps him endure Ashley’s constant distractions from his writing.First Appearance: Moving To Swamptown 1/3

Jade Appletree
Jade is Ashley’s mom, she works at the local bookstore which Ashley occasionally visits. Jade has a warm personality and likes to socialize. She is usually amused by Ashley’s shenanigans and ideas as long as nobody gets hurt. She hopes that Ashley grows up to be a confident, positive woman, which so far is working out just fine.
First Appearance: Moving To Swamptown 3/3

Duke Appletree
Duke is Ashley’s dog. He came from a shelter which Ashley assumes must mean that he is a troublemaker. But as it turns out Duke is very scared of cats, much to Ashley’s displeasure. So far all of Ashley’s attempts to get him to be more tough have proven unsuccesful. She can’t stay mad at him though.
First Appearance: Moving To Swamptown 3/3

Henry the Ghost
Henry is a ghost that lives on haunts the Appletree’s attic. He usually tries to stay out of trouble and doesn’t reveal himself to anyone except for the one time when he accidentally ran into Ashley. It is unclear who was more shocked by that encounter, but since then both appear to have gotten over it and like to hang out with each other now.
First Appearance: Moving To Swamptown 3/3

Sandman is a Sandman, duh. His job is doing rounds at night to deliver dream dust to humans to help them fall asleep and ward off nightmares. Usually he sneaks up on people and always leaves unnoticed aided by the fact that he is a supernatural being and therefor hard to perceive by humans. However, Ashley proved unimpressed by this fact and likes to force discussions onto him and give him nicknames.
First Appearance: Botheration!

Sarah Bennett
Sarah is Ashley’s friend and next-door neighbor. Her parents can be a bit overprotective which tends to make Sarah a bit more cautious than she needs to be at times. Usually she doesn’t let that get into her way too much though. Sarah also has a cat called Mittens which tends to give Duke, mostly unintentional, trouble just by being a cat.
First Appearance: Sarah

Jay Lewis
Jay is a friend of Ashley and Sarah who lives within walking distance of both of them. All three are also classmates. Jay is a (short) man of science, and does not believe in ghosts or other supernatural things despite Ashley assuring him of their existence. He has a younger sister called Samantha, or Sam for short.
First Appearance: Jay