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Dec 31Celebrations
Dec 29Attempted Accident
Dec 26Saving Santa 3/3
Dec 24Saving Santa 2/3
Dec 22Saving Santa 1/3
Dec 19Sandman Wishes
Dec 17Tracks In The Snow
Dec 15Surprise Snowball
Dec 12Santa Knows
Dec 10Snowed In
Dec 8Snow Dad
Dec 5Speed Math
Dec 3Healthy Diet
Dec 1Responsible Actions
Nov 28Super Good Liar
Nov 26The Internet
Nov 24Perfectly Logical
Nov 21Wrath Of Henry
Nov 19Surveys
Nov 17Memory Time
Nov 14Self-Control
Nov 12Precautions
Nov 10Master Technician
Nov 7Power For Good
Nov 5Mathematical Limitations
Nov 3Candy Science
Oct 31The Swamptown Candy Job 3/3
Oct 29The Swamptown Candy Job 2/3
Oct 27The Swamptown Candy Job 1/3
Oct 24Monster Shield
Oct 22Ghost Story
Oct 20Research
Oct 17Intentional Misunderstanding
Oct 15Cycle Of Nature
Oct 13Perfectly Healthy
Oct 10The Chef Suggests
Oct 8Go Team
Oct 6Basic Physics
Oct 3Night Flight
Oct 1Bad Results
Sep 29World Record
Sep 26Last Will
Sep 24Improved Books
Sep 22Game Designer
Sep 19Ghost Banking
Sep 17Henry’s Work Day
Sep 15Don’t Worry
Sep 12Total Exhaustion
Sep 10Empathy
Sep 8Post Office
Sep 5Surprise!
Sep 3Food Research
Sep 1Dead Tired
Aug 29The Accidental Job 3/3
Aug 27The Accidental Job 2/3
Aug 25The Accidental Job 1/3
Aug 22As Seen In Your Dream
Aug 20Trust Issues
Aug 18Bouncy Ball
Aug 15Ghost Call
Aug 13Realistic Rules
Aug 11Dental Problems
Aug 8Huggy Day
Aug 6Fashion
Aug 4Super Healthy
Aug 1Competitive Cooperation
Jul 30Dreamcatcher
Jul 28Treasure Hunting
Jul 25Salmon
Jul 23Irresponsibility
Jul 21Ghost Needs
Jul 18The Blues
Jul 16Weather Trouble
Jul 14Memorable Defeat
Jul 11Magical Ingredients
Jul 9Creative Differences
Jul 7Lucrative Business
Jul 4Milk Thief
Jul 2Chocolate Cake
Jun 30TV Ghosts
Jun 27Part-Time Runaway 3/3
Jun 25Part-Time Runaway 2/3
Jun 23Part-Time Runaway 1/3
Jun 20Film Critic
Jun 18Bike Mechanic
Jun 16Rescheduling
Jun 13Just Grown-Ups
Jun 11No Bad Weather
Jun 9Colored Tongues
Jun 6Strict Bedtime
Jun 4Imaginary Candy.
Jun 2Kites
May 30Prank Call
May 28Party Preparations
May 26Screen Limits
May 23Sand Home
May 21Finding Mr Huggy
May 19Hole Punch
May 16Cutting Edge Technology
May 14Priorities
May 12Gold Rush
May 9Dream Restrictions
May 7Zen Mastery
May 5Magic Trick
May 2BFFs
Apr 30Based On A True Story
Apr 28Extremely Convincing
Apr 25Sandmen 3/3
Apr 23Sandmen 2/3
Apr 21Sandmen 1/3
Apr 18Not A Mouse
Apr 16Ghost Hunters
Apr 14Flowers
Apr 11Wishing On A Star
Apr 9Starving Artist
Apr 7Dog Science
Apr 4Disappointment
Apr 2Free To Play
Mar 31Math Practice?
Mar 28Lightning
Mar 26Realistic Expectations
Mar 24Average Bedtime
Mar 21TV Addiction
Mar 19Energy Flavor
Mar 17Sleepy Thief
Mar 14Baby Teeth
Mar 12Unghostly Humans
Mar 10A Flawed Plan
Mar 7Low Tech Hack
Mar 5Accidental Password
Mar 3Robot Brains
Feb 28Step 3 – Profit
Feb 26Well Trained
Feb 24Creature Of The Night
Feb 21Chasing Doctor Doohickey 3/3
Feb 19Chasing Doctor Doohickey 2/3
Feb 17Chasing Doctor Doohickey 1/3
Feb 14Valentine’s Winner
Feb 12Center Of Attention
Feb 10Losing Weight
Feb 7Recurring Dreams
Feb 5Believes
Feb 3Theoretical Mathematics
Jan 31Professional Artist
Jan 29Clean Up Trouble
Jan 27Pet Names
Jan 24Cake Batter
Jan 22Exciting Read
Jan 20Call The Cops
Jan 17Superpowers
Jan 15The Future
Jan 13Strictly Fictional
Jan 10War Games
Jan 8Rules for Schools
Jan 6Bedtime Stories
Jan 3Have A Fizzy Hit
Jan 1The Good Guys